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Update no. 39
23 March 2017

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Illustrated overview of factors that have resulted in plug diversity  view
New page that places IEC 60320 in a historical background  view
Additional Greek Tripoliki material  view
Old German wooden and vulcanized fibre plugs (nos. 28, 29)  view
Ca. 100 years old 2-pin plug made by Siemens (no. 16)  view
Comparably old, German 3-phase 6A-150V plug and socket (22-25)  view
Classic Austrian, polarized 2-pole plug (no. 5)  view
Rare Schuko-type appliance inlet (no. 27)  view
Classic Danish switched sockets and lamp plug and socket  view
  Spanish Eunea Metropoli material (nos 8-11)  view
Dell appliance connector for both 100-240V AC and 11-16V DC (33) 

Update of acknowledgments  view

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