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21 June 2016

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South African SANS 164-4 blue and black sockets and plugs  view
NEMA 1-15, 5-15 and 6-15 material (see nos. 9, 10, 21-23)  view
US socket and adapter made for US army in Germany  view
Japanese material (domestic nos. 7, 13-14 and heavy duty no. 6)  view
TEMCO 5A BS 372 Part I socket with switch  view
Classic, fused BS 1363 multi-plug for 2 and 3-pin plugs  view
  Classic BS 546 plugs (see nos. 13-15 and 19)  view
Classic Legrand series Mistral socket and switch  view
SI 32 flat pin socket with rotary safety shutters  view
Classic Australian plugs (see nos. 10-15)  view
Collection of classic Danish plugs material, displayed on a new page  view
Italian plug made of galalith and VIMAR universale socket  view
Classic Spanish single- and three-phase heavy duty plugs  view
Brazilian NBR14136 adapter for flat blade plugs and Europlugs  view
Update of acknowledgments  view

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