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Terko socket


The collection of plugs and sockets focuses on the following two categories:

Plugs and sockets that are used for domestic purposes. That means 220-240 Volt / 10-16 Amp, or 100-125 Volt / 15-20 Amp devices that can be found in homes and offices, including, multi-plugs, adapter plugs, power cords that come with various types of appliance couplers.

Plugs and sockets for single phase
heavy duty, or three- phase applications in homes and/or workshops. The three-phase section is restricted to 400 Volt / 32 Amp, or US: 250 Volt / 60 Amp, or 480 Volt / 30 Amp.

Both modern and classical material is represented in the collection.
  Excluded are:
(i)   nearly all devices for less than 100 Volt,
(ii)  typical direct current plugs and sockets, and
(iii) material for 'heavy' industrial applications.

There are items that are clearly missing in the collection, for example country-specific non-standard plugs and sockets, and obsolete material. See also Missing Objects.
he help of others is very welcome. If you have something on offer, please contact me. Although the museum is not financially supported by anybody, shipping costs are usually reimbursed. Please contact me first.

Find the museum email address below. Note that the address is not clickable to discourage systems that automatically screen sites for email addresses that can be misused for the distribution of junk mail.

Museum address

Many items that are displayed in the museum have been donated. Click for the list of donors.


DMPS 10 years

The  museum website was launched in December 2009

Over the last 10 years the website has grown from 27 to 134 pages, showing six times more plugs and sockets. Moreover, much background information on technical details, history of standards, manufacturers etc. has been added. The growth of collection and information would not have been possible without the input of museum visitors from all over the world. A lot of material has been donated. Given information is highly appreciated. I am very grateful to you for all your help.

Screenshots of the 27 pages of the first website are joined in a 7.1 MB DMPSv1.pdf file.


IEC60309 plug


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