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My interest in plugs and sockets started when I was working as a geneticist at University of Amsterdam. Because of projects with colleagues abroad and congresses all over the world I was confronted with various types of plugs and sockets. Gradually I became fascinated (not frustrated !) by the diversity of incompatible systems.

When my university institute moved to a new building in the early 1990s, a technician found some old three-phase plugs and sockets (see images above). Knowing that I was not only interested in DNA and chromosomes, he dropped them on my desk, rather than in the rubbish bin. It was at that time that the idea was born to start collecting old and new plugs and sockets from all over the world.

An important aspect of collecting plugs and sockets is to preserve a representative, worldwide selection of tools that are used each day by everybody, usually without paying any attention to them. I hope that the collection will give next generations the opportunity to look back on a variety of indispensable electric devices that were used in the past.


Through the years the collection has grown to more than thousand of items, stored in boxes. Occasionally people are interested in my unusual hobby, but the collection is not particular accessible to others.

My retirement has marked a new phase of life in which priorities are re-defined. Creating a digital museum of plugs and sockets became a feasible project. Developing an internet site is a never ending story. The collection grows steadily and there are always details that have to be improved. Feel free to contact me.

Oof Oud*,
Culemborg, Netherlands

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* Oof is an uncommon first name, not related to the English word oaf;
   Oud is my family name.


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