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From 2018 each socket in new buildings in South Africa must have at least one SANS 164-2 outlet.
This applies not only to prevalent SANS 164-1 sockets, but also to dedicated SANS 164-4 sockets.

Crabtree, the South African manufacturer of electrical accessories and low voltage infrastructure has designed a new series of dedicated plugs and socketst that complies with SANS 164-2-1:2018
(partially dedicated) and SANS 164-2-2:2018 (fully dedicated). Panel A gives the main characteristics.
Panel B shows the full range of partially and fully dedicated plugs and sockets.
Representative examples are shown in Images 1 - 8.
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Panel A

SANS 164-2
standard plug

SANS 164-2-1
dedicated plug

SANS 164-2-2
dedicated plug
Shapes of SANS 164-2 plugs
Differences in shape of plugs and matching sockets determine the degree of compatibility within the "family" of SANS 164-2 standard, partially and fully dedicated plugs and sockets.

SANS 164-2 (non-dedicated) plugs have two V-shaped sides. These plugs fit in standard 164-2 sockets only.

Partially dedicated plugs have one V-shape side; the opposite side is blunt. The long side, opposite to the earth pin has a dimple*. Matching sockets have a protuberance. Partially dedicated plugs can be inserted in both standard and partially dedicated sockets.

Fully dedicated plugs have two blunt sides and a bulge*. That means that these plugs fit only in fully dedicated sockets that have a matching dimple. No other plugs fit in fully dedicated sockets, because they have one (dedicated) or two (standard) V-shaped sides.

* Three variants exist of partially and fully dedicated plug and sockets. The position of dimple and bulge differ between the red, blue and black variant. See panel B below.


Panel B
SANS 164-2   
SANS 164-2-1 partially and SANS 164-2-2 fully dedicated plugs and sockets


partial,  red
partial,  blue partial,  black full,  red full,  blue full,  black


SANS 164-2  standard plug and socket

SANS 164-2-1 partially dedicated plug and socket, red
SANS 164-2-1 partially dedicated plug and socket, blue SANS 164-2-1 partially dedicated plug and socket, black SANS 164-2-1 fully dedicated plug and socket, red
SANS 164-2-1 fully dedicated plug and socket, blue SANS 164-2-1 fully dedicated plug and socket, black

Standard, non-dedicated SANS 164-2 plugs and sockets have been introduced in 2014.
From 2019 partially dedicated 164-2-1 are available. Examples are shown in images 1, 2 and 3. The fully dedicated version will follow later.

SANS 164-2-1 red dedicated socket and plug SANS 164-2-1 blue dedicated socket and plug
SANS 164-2-1 black dedicated socket and plug
Combo socket for dedicated SANS  164-4 and 164-2-1 plugs
SANS 164-2-1 clean earth

1 - 3
Red, blue and black variants of partially dedicated SANS 164-2-1 socket outlets and matching plugs, rated at 16A - 250V.
Outlets are shown without cover plate. The position of outlet bulge and plug dimple differ between the variants.
Position measured from the blunt side (defined in panel A) is: 15.3 mm (red), 18.3 mm (blue) and 12.3 mm (black).
4 Sockets in new buildings must have SANS 164-2 outlets. In practice sockets will have outlets for both traditional and new 16A round pin plugs. Combo socket have also designed for dedicated plugs. The image shows the red variant of SANS 164-4 and 164-2-1. Each outlets has a switch.
5 Scheme of the yoke (metal base plate) and bottom view of a SANS 164-2-1 outlet (black part of socket in images 1, 2 and 3).
A = dedicated circuit earth terminal;  B = general (building) earth terminal; earth connection is fixed to the metal base plate.

Dedicated socket outlets are provided for supplies which are intended for "Clean" power*, UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and non-RCD (residual current device) protected outlets.
The earth connections A and B are therefore separated and not internally connected in the socket module. Where separation is not required, the installer needs to provide a link between A and B.
* clean earth is explained on the page about uncommon British plugs and sockets.


Images 4 and 5 and information given in captions are based on dedicated outlets specifications given by Crabtree.

Acknowledgements The museum is grateful to Crabtree, Wadeville, South Africa for donating the dedicated plugs and sockets.   {BJ}


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