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On some pages you will find a Request for Help, that may refer to a missing plug or socket.
The "most wanted" items are summarized here, with links to the relevant pages.

Unknown material refers to plugs or sockets in the collection whose origin and use are unknown to me.

Your help to find a missing item or unknown information is greatly appreciated !
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Greek Tripoliki adapter outlet
For decades Greece had a 3-pin type of earthed plug and socket, named Tripoliki (Τριπολικές) which means three-pole. Late 1980s Greece authorities have decided to switch to CEE 7/3-7/4 (Schuko) standard for earthed plugs and sockets.

The museum has a Tripoliki plug, but a matching socket is missing.

Occasionally Tripoliki sockets can be found in some older houses in Greece.
Please contact me if you have an out-of-service socket, or a socket that you
like to replace by a Schuko socket.

The image shows the outlet of a Tripoliki - Schuko adapter.



Unknown 3-pin 15A 380V plug
Unknown 3-pin 15A 380V plug
Unknown 3-pin 15A 380V connector
Unknown 3-pin 15A 380V contacts

a - d
Bakelite plug that has two angled, flat power pins and a round earth pin. Pin specifications are given in figure b. Plug diameter is 48 mm. The matching connector has a diameter of 67 mm and a length of 84 mm. Rating: 15A - 380V*. The connector earth contact sticks out, compared to power contacts (see image d), to ensure that earth contact is made first.

In the 1930s to 1970s various single phase plugs have been designed for 380 Volt. Often they were country specific.
The plug and connector shown do not have no name or logo of the manufacturer, no certification mark and no indication that could refer to a standard. Besides rating, they only have a type or product number: 30535 (plug) and 30635 (connector).

Vynckier Frères et Co. (Ghent, Belgium) has used a comparable system of numbering their classic heavy duty plugs and connectors: 305xx for plugs and 306xx for connectors. However, all of them have a clear VFC logo. None of the Vynckier plugs in the museum collection have flat pins.
If you know more about the origin of the shown plug and connector, please contact me; find the address at the home page.

* Wieger Nieuwenhout has given me a 100% identical plug with same number 30535, but an indicated rating of 15A - 250V.

Unknown British T-slot connector

e An uncommon T-slot connector plug rated at 10A - 250V that has been made in England.
The museum has a few T-slot sockets and plugs, but they are incompatible with the shown connector. The critical difference  is the slot spacing (9.9 mm for the connector).
Classic U.S. T-slot spacing is 13.8 mm. NEMA 2-20R has a larger slot spacing: 15.9 mm.
Non-earthed T-slot plugs and sockets are
used In Australia for extra low voltage. They have a slot spacing of 15.2 mm.
The significance of the T-slot model made in England is not clear. Was meant for export to …?, or was it an adapter plug for …?
If you recognize the English T-slot model, please contact me; find the address at the home page.



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