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CEE 7/7 are earthed plugs that fit in CEE 7/3 (Schuko) as well as CEE 7/5 (French*) sockets, because plugs have both earth clips and a contact for sockets that have an earth pin.

CEE 7/7 plugs - rewirable or integrated with a cord - are often made by companies that sell products in many European countries, irrespective the local socket standard.
It is also a profitable strategy for production of special types that have a smaller market share than sales of plugs for domestic use.

CEE 7/17 plugs, the not earthed version of CEE 7/7, are shown on a separate page.

* CEE 7/5 sockets and 7/6 plugs are often designated as French type, but it is debatable whether 'French' is correct; see page about origin of earth pin sockets.


CEE7/7 plug CEE 7/3 socket CEE 7/5 socket Desco CEE 7/7 plug

CEE 7/7 plug with earth clips (Schuko) and a contact for earth pins of French sockets. Therefore the plug fits into both sockets nos 2a and 2b. Pin diameter: 4.8 mm. Rating: 16A - 250V. Manufacturer: ABL, Germany. Dating: 2010s
2a, 2b 2a: CEE 7/3 socket with earth clips.   2b: CEE 7/5 socket with earth pin.
3 CEE 7/7 plug with standard 4.8 mm pins, but rated at 10A, rather than usual 16A. Plug is not rewirable; appliance cord is fixed to plug. Manufacturer: Desco Werk, Ittersbach, Germany. Dating: probably 1980s

PC Electric CEE 7/7 IP68 plug
PC Electric CEE 7/7 IP54 plug and connector

Electraline flat CEE 7/7 plug with grip
ABL SURSUM elamid 2K CEE 7/7 plug

4 PC Electric series Nautilus CEE 7/7 safely plug with protective - bayonet catch - cap. Protection class: IP66/68**.
Housing material: PC/ABS.   {PCE}
5 PC Electric series TopTaurus2 CEE 7/7 safety plug and connector, Protection class: IP54**. Housing is made of PA6-2 component rubberized material.   {PCE}

IP = Ingress Protection
first digit:      5 =  protection against solid objects larger than 1 mm. 6 = totally dust tight.
second digit: 4 = protection against water splashes from all directions.  6 = protection against direct high pressure jets.
          8 = protection against extended immersion under higher (2 bar) pressure.

The Museum is grateful to the Austrian company PC Electric for donating plug no. 4 and plug/connector no. 5.
6 Very flat CEE 7/7 plug equipped with a holdable grip to foldaway plug removal. Manufacturer: Electraline 3PMark S.p.A., Concorezzo, Italy.    {ARF)
7 SCHUKO Professional, also known as SCHUKOultra plug, made by ABL-SURSUM, Germany. Rating: 16A - 250V; IP54**.
Plug housing is made of Elamid, a plastic that has a high chemical and UV resistance and has a wide temperature tolerance.
It is claimed that the plug may resist a weight of 4 tons.
For easy (dis)assembling the plug has a quick release lock. A quarter turn of the red screw (un)lock the connection between housing and internal contact carrier.

Electraline IP54 CEE 7/7 plug
Electraline IP54 CEE 7/7 connector
Electraline IP54 CEE 7/7 connector

Electraline IP54 CEE 7/7 plug and connector

8 Industrial Pro Line IP54** CEE 7/7 plug made of shock resistant thermoplastic rubber and polycarbonate. Rating 16A - 250V.
The cable entry has a large retainer screw (blue arrow). Rotating the screw clockwise fasten wires up to 3 x2.5 mm2.
Manufacturer of plug and connector shown in images 8 - 11: Electraline 3Pmark SpA, Italy.   {ARF}
9, 10
Industrial Pro Line IP54** CEE 7/4 connector with waterproof cap. The cap is closed by spring force. A grip (green arrow) allows single hand opening. Further product details are identical to plug no. 8.   {ARF}
11 Combination of plug 8 and connector 9. Inset: retainer screw locking a three wire cord (9.5 mm diameter).
Total length: ca. 184 mm (depending on position of retainer screws. Connector diameter: 47 mm (cap excluded).

IP code of 54 means that neither dust or splashing water will have a harmful effect.

The Museum is grateful to the Italian company Electraline 3Pmark for donating  plugs nos 6 and 8 ,and connector no. 9.


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