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Italian polarized plugs and sockets
BTicino Magic 10A socket Bticino logo BTicino Magic 16A socket  
BTicino Magic 10A plug BTicino Magic 16 plug  
1 Besides standard Italian plugs and socket the BTicino Magic series offers also "Presa per spine irreversibili", which means socket for polarized plugs (see no. 3). This is an uncommon type of socket, which is only used in cases in which changing line and neutral is not tolerated (for example specialized hospital or laboratory equipment). Occasionally, polarized plugs are also used for local networks with a different voltage (<230V) and/or direct current.
The socket is closed by a safety lid (bearing the word ‘’Magic’’ on it) which can be opened only with an even pressure on its surface by an appropriate plug. The plug is energized only when it is inserted fully into the socket. This also applies to socket no. 2.
2 Polarized Bticino 16A-250V socket. The enlargement shows a guide (yellow triangle) and notch (orange triangle) which prevent the use of Magic type 16A plugs in a 10A socket (no. 1), but 10A plugs (nos. 3 and 4) can be inserted in a 16A socket.   {WaO}
3 Polarized 10A-250V plug.
4 Adapter to convert a polarized outlet into a non-polarized type that can be used for either a CEI 23-50 standard 10A or 16A plug.
5 Polarized 16A-250V plug. The lower image shows the notch (red arrowhead) and guide (yellow) that are unique for this type 16A plugs.   {WaO}

The Biticino Magic series has also a 20A-250V and 10A 3-phase 380V models; see: Italian 3-phase page.


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