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Heavy duty plugs and sockets
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Standard domestic sockets in Australia and New Zealand are rated for 10A. An example is shown at right.
For heavy duty applications there are variants which are rated up to 32A. The significant details of the 10A, 15A, 25A and 32A types are shown in the images 1-5, below.
Note that a plug can be inserted in a socket of the same or higher rate, but not in a socket with a lower rate. That means that a 10A plug fits in each of the four types of sockets, but a 32A plug can only be used with a 32A socket. An elegant and safe system.
AU/NZ 10A socket


AU/NZ sockets 10, 15, 25, 32A
AU/NZ 10A plug
AU/NZ 15A plug
AU/NZ 25A plug
AU/NZ 32A plug

1 Details of Australian / New Zealand sockets rated for respectively 10A, 15A, 25A and 32A (240V, single phase).
Manufacturer of the four variants shown: HPM Australia, part of the Legrand Group.
2 Pins of a 10A plug, the standard plug for domestic appliances.
3 Pins of a 15A plug. The earth pin (bottom, left) is wider than the 10A earth pin. 'GREEN' refers to the colour of the earth (E) wire, being green or green and yellow. In homes 15A sockets and plugs are used for air conditioners and electric wall ovens connected to a dedicated 15A circuit. Electric cookers are hard wired to a higher rated circuit.
4 Pins of a 25A plug, with an L-shaped earth pin, and the power pins which are wider than the corresponding pins of 10A and 16A plugs (9.1 versus 6.4 mm). There also exists a 20A variant with comparable wide power pins; the earth pin is straight (I-shaped, identical to 15A), rather than the L-shaped pin of the 25A model.
5 Pins of a 32A plug, characterized by an U-shaped earth pin. Power pins have a width identical to 25A plugs.
Note that 20A, 25A and 32A plugs are used only in workshops and industrial situations.

Moreover, a series of heavy duty single and three phase plugs and sockets exist that have various configurations of round pins.

PDL 10A 240V heavy duty pendant outlet

Heavy duty, 10A-240V, switched pendant metal cast outlet.
length: 140 mm (5.5"); diameter: 63 mm (2.5"); weight: 450 gram.
Manufacturer: PDL, New Zealand.

Note the old Standards New Zealand logo (SNZ 198 1168).
PDL 10A 240V heavy duty pendant outlet (base)

Clipsal 56P310 10A 250V heavy duty plug

Heavy duty plug with a screwed ring for securing to socket outlets and to ensure IP66 rating. The transparent centre body section allows visual checking of connections. Rating: 10A-250V. Clipsal (Schneider Electric) cat. no. 56P310. Read more about compulsory use of transparent housing at Australian uncommon plugs and sockets page.   {FSE}


PDL 32A range socket

Wall socket with
partial (↑) and fully (→)
opened safety flap.
PDL 32A range socket
PDL 32A range socket

For two phase ranges
  the red link wire has
to be removed.
PDL 32A range plug

PDL logo and RCM mark

PDL logo and
Regulatory Compliance Mark

8-11 Range socket (nos. 8-10) and matching plug (no. 11), especially designed for connecting single and two phase ranges.
Rating: 32A-230/400V AC - 250/500V AC. Manufacturer: PDL in Christchurch, New Zealand, brand of Schneider Electric.
The RCM logo indicates that the items meet the safety standards applicable in Australia and New Zealand.


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