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Nova Plugway Plugway busbar plug Plugway busbar plug, inside

1 Nova Electrical Ltd. (UK) has designed a ducting system for feeding three-phase machines, using a busbar that can be mounted above the workspace (see image at left, taken from the Nova website). The plug-in busbar trunking plugs (see image no. 7) can be positioned exactly on each desired spot to provide an unimpeded supply of power. The plug shown is rated at 3 x 10A, 415V.
2 Plug units are provided with a cartridge fuse for each of the three power connections (L1, L2 and L3). N = neutral, E = earth. Fuses are available for 5, 10 and 15A. The plug can also be used for single phase by using only one of three line connections. 


MAFELEC MNSPC10A02 scheme  

3 The French company MAFELEC produces electrical, control and signal components for civil and military applications. The socket shown has specifically been designed for ships, hence its water tight construction including a screw cap. Specifications: type MNSPC10A02, rated for voltages up to 250V single phase - but used in a 115V circuit - and a maximum current of 16A.   {YB}


Old Frencj, rusty socket and switch

An old, rusty, French socket and switch.
The knob of the switch indicates 5A - 250V.
This nostalgic ensemble supplied a barn in Brittany, France with electricity for at least half a century.
Thanks to Marcel Koken it is now a museum object.


DDR plug with hook

At right a single socket is shown, but the story behind the plug-in hook relates to a dual socket.
DDR plug with hook and extension cable

5, 6 Schuko plug with hook. An uncommon use of a plug, developed in the former German Democratic Republic (DDR). According to strict DDR regulations, newly build homes had bathrooms with one, dual socket. One outlet for the washing machine, the other for the centrifuge. If you wanted to use an outlet for other purposes (shaver, hair dryer etc.) you had to take out one of the plugs. Inevitably plug and cord fell on the ground, usually out of reach behind the washing machine.
The plug-in hook was designed to avoid these daily irritations. Cords of washing machine and centrifuge had a ring, close to the plug. Cords of machines not in use were attached to hook and were always within reach, while the other outlet was available for other purposes.
       Many thanks to Peter W. Martin for plug and background story.


Qualy key ring
Qualy key holder
Qualt keu ring and key holder

7 - 9 Key ring and key holder in plug and socket style. Brand name of the gadget: Qualy (Thailand).   {AvS}


Plug-bulb for heat lamp


Plug-in heat bulb (green) for a classic heat lamp.

The ca. 1960s heat bulb originate from the German Democratic Republic (DDR) and has been donated by Peter W. Martin.

Heat bulb pins have a diameter of 5.9 mm, length of 21.8 mm and spacing of 19.7 mm.
Rating and manufacturer and are not indicated.

Images of a heat lamp reflector have been copied from a 2018 German eBay advertisement.

The heat lamp has to be connected to mains by a DIN VDE 9409 or more modern DIN 49491 appliance connector.

The museum is grateful to Reimar Lüngen for identifying the matching type of heat lamp.


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