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63A and 125A - 6h plugs
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Given their size, 63A and 125A IEC 60309 plugs look better on a separate page.
The museum is grateful to the Austrian company PC Electric GmbH - specialists in production of
CEE-industrial plugs and sockets - for donating the 63A and 125A-6h plugs.


32A, 63A and 125A-6h plugs
IEC 60309 32A, 63A, 125A plug diameter

Comparison of Schuko and CEE 125A-6h plug
Pins of  CEE 63A and 125A
CEE 125A -6h plug with pilot pin
IEC60309 63A, 125A pin sizes

1 63A-6h 3P+N+earth 400V plug and 125A-6h 3P+N+earth 400V plug. Manufacturer:  PC Electric GmbH.
Both plugs have an IP67 degree of protection. A swivel at cable entry provides adjustable cable grip. Swivel can be locked with a screw. For size comparison a five pin 32A plug has been added left.
2 Comparison of wire contacts. Left: 16A CEE 7/4 (Schuko' with three contacts for 2,5 mm2 wires. Right: 125A plug with five, double secured contacts for wires up to 11 mm2. Cable entry of most Schuko plugs allow 8 -10 mm2 cables, whereas 125A plugs can handle up to 50 mm2 (36 mm2 for 63A).

3 IEC 60309  plugs may have an additional pin. This pilot pin fits in the pilot sleeve of a matching socket. Both the 63A and 125A shown in image  no. 1 have a pilot pin.
Pilot pins have a smaller diameter and are shorter than L, N and earth pins. Plug pilot pin is the last pin making contact with socket sleeve, after which power is turned on.

When retracting a plug, contact of pilot pin and socket sleeve is broken first; power is turned off simultaneously. This sequence prevents making or breaking the circuit under load. Breaking a connection (appliance with power source) under load will cause arcing which may damage plug and socket, and is potentially unsafe for the user.


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