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New image and text of versatile ABB 5536 CEE 7/6 plug [no. 8] (view)
Hager Engineering Klik 3 ceiling lamp socket and plug [nos 31-34] (view)
IEC 60309 32A-6h socket and plug and 16A-4h plug [nos 13, 21, 22] (view)
PC Electric IEC 60309 16A-4h 3-pin screwless plug [nos 14,15] (view)
IEC 60309 16A-6h 4-pin plug with phase inverter [nos 19-20] (view)
PC Electric IEC 60309 63A-6h and 125A-6h plugs [nos 1-3] (view)
PC Electric IP54 and IP66/68 Schuko plugs and connectors [nos 4-5] {view)
New page about classic Grimma 16A IFD16 type industrial socket (view)
Daki and T.E.G. connectors to branch off flexible cords (view)
Mid 1930s Presto unearthed plug with tumbler switch [nos 12-12a] (view)
Modern Italian socket with porcelain, classic looking housing [no. 21] (view)
10-16/250V socket for straight blade plugs and earth clips [no. 16] (view)
Spanish 16A and 20A - 380 plugs and sockets [nos 7-9 and 14-17] (view)

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